01 May

I’m still alive

Recently, there were many problems with my website’s PHP engine, causing it to constantly crash. I reinstalled PHP on the server, hopefully it won’t crash again. I’ve also been considering changing to a Python server using Django, but that will take a lot of work to migrate all content over.

I just want to reassure all of you that I did not quit Minecraft modding. Final exams are on the way for me next week and I simply cannot find the time to work on websites and mods. After exams I will have a lot more time to spend getting stable releases out during the summer. Please stay posted, and if the website ever goes down again, notify me immediately. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

To keep you posted on my progress:

MFFS (for NOVA) will be my first priority after the exams, and I will make sure a stable release gets out. All compiler errors has been fixed and runtime errors are still being worked on. Currently, I’ve got it successfully launched in Minecraft.


Two weeks ago, I spent the time and consulted some electrical engineers on EDX’s electrical system and they talked me to working on a modified nodal analysis algorithm to solve all the circuits. The algorithm proved to be a success, running much faster than the old node-balancing algorithm I used. You can expect much lag-free and accurate electrical circuits in EDX in the future.

20 Feb

NOVA – The Revolutionary Modding Framework

Some of you may have heard that I’ve been developing this new API with a team of mod developers called NOVA. NOVA stands for neatly organized voxel API, and it is basically an abstraction layer for Minecraft modding (and other voxel games). What makes this API revolutionary is that a mod developed with NOVA can run on multiple Minecraft versions and also on different voxel games without changing a single line of code. Originally, I started developing something like this within Resonant Engine to make mod updates easier, but around a month ago I finally found like minded developers who want to have the same goal – save time on all those annoying Minecraft updates!

So here comes NOVA, a combination of code from Resonant Engine, asie’s brain child, Kubuxu’s brilliant matrix and dependency system, and work from various developers. We aim to make modding easier, more abstracted and for everyone to spend less time debugging the next Minecraft update. Currently, we have a working block, item, GUI, fluid and event system that is much easier to use compared to native Minecraft modding. Expect lots more feature implementation as I port Resonant Engine to NOVA.

On the side note, ETA for first release of MFFS for NOVA should be within one month if everything goes well. It’s a long porting process, but it means less bugs and less time in future updates. We’re looking for contributors to the project. The more pull requests we get, the faster we can release NOVA!

For more information on NOVA, check out on www.novaapi.net.

23 Jan

Electrodynamics: Electric Circuits

Finally, after consulting with various electrical engineers and physicists (not being an expert myself), I’ve written the base code for Electrodyanmic’s (EDX) electrical grid. The mechanical system in EDX has also been changed to use more realistic values and fit the brand new motor/generator design, which uses concepts of motor and counter-electromotive force to create a fluid system that balances out. Here’s a video of it:

There will definitely be more electrical components in EDX: transformers, resistors, diodes. You name it!

11 Jan

Resonant Induction and Electrodynamics

As some of you may have already heard, CyanideX and I have decided to collaborate and bring back designs and concepts from the mod Electrodynamics (EDX) into Resonant Induction. What does this mean? This means there will be new content added into Resonant Induction from EDX! Both EDX and Resonant Induction had many elements and concepts in common and we have decided to work together to bring a cool mod about technological progression into one cohesive gaming experience. There will be a new ore and lumber processing system. I will keep everyone posted on new features that will be added!

New Forum

Finally, I have had the time to set up the forums on my website. You can now register and post ideas, suggestions or have discussions on my mods. Make sure you do not post bug reports there as it will not be addressed. Bug reports go into the bug tracker!

New forum: http://calclavia.com/forums/

25 Sep

More on Artillects

So a lot of you have been asking me what is my game Artillects about. It is currently early in development; I am working on the multiplayer networking code and most things are not set in stone yet.

To summarize, Artillects is a 2D turn-based multiplayer platform strategy game where you control a robot and try to destroy other robots (players). I took some inspiration from Minecraft and Terraria and implemented square destructible terrains. Each player will have his/her turn to move and perform an ability. There are different abilities in game such as “shooting a missile” and “launching grenades”. I plan to release for web and mobile (iOS/Android) and multiplayer games will be able to work cross platform.

Later on, I may plan to create a Kickstarter to help fund hiring an artist to draw all the art. Note that Artillects is a temporary code-name. I might change the name to something better if I can think of one.