A new chapter

I have not blogged in a while, but I wanted to make an update about recent events.

Modding for Minecraft was quite the journey. I have learned a lot in terms of programming, Java and working with development teams. I have also made many mistakes, made many friends online and learned several important lessons. I am glad that I stepped into the Minecraft modding community, as it landed me jobs and led me to founding my own startup.

Quite a few people still email me asking me to write mods for them (as a freelance job). However, as I have previously mentioned in IRC chats, I have officially retired from Minecraft modding. I am also quite busy now with other projects. Although my modding journey ended with inconsistent releases and vaporware due to my busy schedule in real life, I hope what I have created and released throughout the years brought some joy to the people who played my mods. ICBM is now being worked on by DarkCow, and I believe it is in good hands.

The source code for my remaining mods are now open source on Github for those who want to continue where I have left off (https://github.com/calclavia/Electrodynamics). Feel free to make spin offs of any of my mods and release it.

As for myself, I am now working mostly in indie-game development and in mobile app development. Artillects is making great progress, and my team and I are testing it right now hoping for an alpha release soon. Calclavia is also officially founded as a software business, and updates from now on will be related to my work in app and indie-game development.

I wish the Minecraft modding community well. :)

My new job

I have been making slow progress on Electrodynamics due to the new job I've started a month ago. For those who are curious, I am currently working at ThoughtSTEM to integrate NOVA into an online modding framework to teach young aspiring developers how to write mods. It's a very interesting project that I've been working on with an awesome team. Best of all, it's for a great cause. For those who want to know more about our product, visit http://www.learntomod.com.

The progress on Electrodynamics is currently still lingering on the Optics module. I have new exciting plans to integrate MFFS and my EDX laser system into a GUI-less force field contraption. EDX has also been rewritten to run on NOVA, allowing it to work on multiple versions of Minecraft at the same time. The biggest benefit of using NOVA is that old versions of Minecraft will be supported. On top of that, EDX's code will be easier to comprehend and maintain. For Scala developers who are interested in helping me work on EDX, I have put the source code on Github.

Here's a screenshot of what things may look like:


On the side note, due to the recent downtime with servers, I have decided to do some research and find a more lightweight server solution to host my website, games and mods. I stumbled upon this neat blogging engine called Hexo that runs on Node.js. I also migrated to a new server that is more affordable and manageable. Hopefully there will be less down time from now on. Also, I will be writing more blog posts because of how easy it is to work with markdown.

Still alive

Recently, there were many problems with my website's PHP engine, causing it to constantly crash. I reinstalled PHP on the server, hopefully it won't crash again. I've also been considering changing to a Python server using Django, but that will take a lot of work to migrate all content over.

I just want to reassure all of you that I did not quit Minecraft modding. Final exams are on the way for me next week and I simply cannot find the time to work on websites and mods. After exams I will have a lot more time to spend getting stable releases out during the summer. Please stay posted, and if the website ever goes down again, notify me immediately. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

To keep you posted on my progress:

MFFS (for NOVA) will be my first priority after the exams, and I will make sure a stable release gets out. All compiler errors has been fixed and runtime errors are still being worked on. Currently, I've got it successfully launched in Minecraft.


Two weeks ago, I spent the time and consulted some electrical engineers on EDX's electrical system and they talked me to working on a modified nodal analysis algorithm to solve all the circuits. The algorithm proved to be a success, running much faster than the old node-balancing algorithm I used. You can expect much lag-free and accurate electrical circuits in EDX in the future.

NOVA - The Revolutionary Modding Framework

Some of you may have heard that I've been developing this new API with a team of mod developers called NOVA. NOVA stands for neatly organized voxel API, and it is basically an abstraction layer for Minecraft modding (and other voxel games). What makes this API revolutionary is that a mod developed with NOVA can run on multiple Minecraft versions and also on different voxel games without changing a single line of code. Originally, I started developing something like this within Resonant Engine to make mod updates easier, but around a month ago I finally found like minded developers who want to have the same goal - save time on all those annoying Minecraft updates!

So here comes NOVA, a combination of code from Resonant Engine, asie's brain child, Kubuxu's brilliant matrix and dependency system, and work from various developers. We aim to make modding easier, more abstracted and for everyone to spend less time debugging the next Minecraft update. Currently, we have a working block, item, GUI, fluid and event system that is much easier to use compared to native Minecraft modding. Expect lots more feature implementation as I port Resonant Engine to NOVA.

On the side note, ETA for first release of MFFS for NOVA should be within one month if everything goes well. It's a long porting process, but it means less bugs and less time in future updates. We're looking for contributors to the project. The more pull requests we get, the faster we can release NOVA!

For more information on NOVA, check out on www.novaapi.net.

Electrodynamics: Electric Circuits

Finally, after consulting with various electrical engineers and physicists (not being an expert myself), I've written the base code for Electrodyanmic's (EDX) electrical grid. The mechanical system in EDX has also been changed to use more realistic values and fit the brand new motor/generator design, which uses concepts of motor and counter-electromotive force to create a fluid system that balances out. Here's a video of it:

There will definitely be more electrical components in EDX: transformers, resistors, diodes. You name it!

Resonant Induction and Electrodynamics

As some of you may have already heard, CyanideX and I have decided to collaborate and bring back designs and concepts from the mod Electrodynamics (EDX) into Resonant Induction. What does this mean? This means there will be new content added into Resonant Induction from EDX! Both EDX and Resonant Induction had many elements and concepts in common and we have decided to work together to bring a cool mod about technological progression into one cohesive gaming experience. There will be a new ore and lumber processing system. I will keep everyone posted on new features that will be added!

New Forum

Finally, I have had the time to set up the forums on my website. You can now register and post ideas, suggestions or have discussions on my mods. Make sure you do not post bug reports there as it will not be addressed. Bug reports go into the bug tracker!

New forum: http://calclavia.com/forums/

More on Artillects

So a lot of you have been asking me what is my game Artillects about. It is currently early in development; I am working on the multiplayer networking code and most things are not set in stone yet.

To summarize, Artillects is a 2D turn-based multiplayer platform strategy game where you control a robot and try to destroy other robots (players). I took some inspiration from Minecraft and Terraria and implemented square destructible terrains. Each player will have his/her turn to move and perform an ability. There are different abilities in game such as "shooting a missile" and "launching grenades". I plan to release for web and mobile (iOS/Android) and multiplayer games will be able to work cross platform.

Later on, I may plan to create a Kickstarter to help fund hiring an artist to draw all the art. Note that Artillects is a temporary code-name. I might change the name to something better if I can think of one.

MC 1.7.10 & Artillects

It's been awhile since my last blog post, but I just want to announce that Resonant Engine and MFFS alpha are available for Minecraft 1.7.10. I have been recently bombarded with work and unfortunately I was not able to update my mods as quickly. Currently Resonant Induction is heavy under work as I am planning on integrated a more realistic direct current electrical circuit to bring cooler contraptions into the game. Although it might take a couple more weeks, I think it'll be worth it!


I have also been working on my indie game called "Artillects". (Don't mix this up with DarkCow's Minecraft mod Artillects as it is a completely different thing!) I am currently writing some base code and looking for artists to start drawing assets for the game. The game will most likely be released online and may be released for mobile too. I will keep all of you posted on this!

ICBM Discontinued

Sad news everyone! Due to my time constraints and having more and more projects on my table, I will be no longer able to maintain the mod ICBM. The good news is the DarkCow has volunteered to take over the project and continue developing it. DarkCow has been a co-developer of ICBM for over a year and I am pleased that I have put the mod in his hands as much of ICBM Sentry was created by him.

On a side note, Universal Electricity and Resonant Engine has finished updating to 1.7 but still subject to changes. I will be updating and reorganizing a lot of code which will take longer to update than I expected. Resonant Induction and MFFS are coming up next!


The new ICBM website is now on http://builtbroken.com managed by DarkCow

Moving to 1.7

I am proud to announce that after a lot of work from myself, DarkCow, tgame14 and Maxwolf, the final release of Resonant Induction for Minecraft 1.6.4 is officially out! While this release may contains some bugs and incomplete features that are work in progress, it is a good start of a large mod. This is the final build of Resonant Induction for 1.6 as we will be moving on to the next version of Minecraft as soon as possible. As most of you probably know, Resonant Induction started off as a ModJam 3 competition project. After ModJam, several developers collaborated on what was originally a small mod about Tesla towers and batteries into a full sized tech mod.

Please note that this is only a small part of my vision of Resonant Induction. Resonant Induction is going to be a massive mod with the entire idea of Minecraft technological advancement done in a different perspective with world based manipulation.

In addition, Universal Electricity 4.0 has been in the works for Minecraft 1.7 which contains a lot of changes to make electrical blocks more realistic. A NodeGrid API has been introduced to provide more flexibility in implementing electrical blocks. I hope all of you will enjoy the mods and there will definitely be a lot of improvements to come!

Atomic Science Merged Into Resonant Induction

Atomic Science is now apart of Resonant Induction as the Atomic Age! You can find all the familiar blocks such as the Reactor Cell and Particle Accelerator within that module for RI!

So head on over to the Resonant Induction download page and grab the atomic module and any others that interest you. If you only want Atomic Science you only need to get RI core and atomic age and it's dependencies.

Resonant Induction Downloads: http://calclavia.com/resonant-induction/downloads/

For those of you wondering: Why would we do this? It makes working on the mods much easier for all of us as a team and I am talking about the UE team itself which currently includes the following:

  • Calclavia
  • Darkguardsman (aka DarkCow)
  • Alex_hawks
  • tgame14
  • Maxwolf Goodliffe

We all contribute towards the mods in one way or another, mostly in code but recently we have started to be more active as a team. You will see these names on our issue trackers helping you fix bugs, or on IRC in #calclavia where we answer questions directly from players and other modders and generally hang out.

Consolidating our code base like this though allows for us all to work together much more efficiently rather than worrying about the connections between our mods and managing all the separate gradle scripts, jenkins continuous integration, websites, issue trackers, documentation etc . that each individual mod would need to make it complete.

This is also the decision behind why we have made the source code to Resonant Engine the base API that all of our mods use visible source under the Calclavia's Educational Public License. Making this public in this way allows for other developers to use the library if they wish and even contribute towards it using pull requests if they feel like it. UE itself has always been this way, but our goal is to make all of our work this way in the coming months.

Right now our current goals are finishing the 1.6.4 versions and heading towards Minecraft 1.7x with all of our mods. In the meantime others are working on this website, documentation and in total we should have a new version of the Voltz modpack ready which will target 1.6.4. Lots of things are happening and development picking up pace!

See you all on the flip side!

iOS Certificates

So recently I have been working on my mobile app and learning how to publish to the Apple iOS App store to allow some of my friends to start beta testing my app. I'm writing this post to help those who are encountering a similar issue and also to remind myself about this if I forget it in the future.

In order to publish an iOS, a developer needs to generate a publishing certificate. Due to the fact that I primarily use Windows 8 for my development and Apple's guide not mentioning how to generate this certificate on Windows, I had to do some research on how to create an iOS certificate on Windows. Here's what I found:

  1. Download and install OpenSSL. Head over to their website and download the Win32 OpenSSLhttp://www.openssl.org/related/binaries.html
  2. Open up command prompt (run -> cmd) as *administrator *and navigate to the "bin" directory in where you installed OpenSSL. By default it should be "C:\OpenSSL-Win32\bin"
  3. Enter the following command:
openssl genrsa -out mykey.key 2048

This will generate a file called "mykey.key" in the bin directory

  1. Then enter the following, replacing the emailAddress, CN (company name) and C (Country) with your own information.
openssl req -new -key mykey.key -out CertificateSigningRequest.certSigningRequest -subj "[email protected], CN=Your Name, C=US"
  1. Upload your generated certificate to Apple and you're pretty much done! Reference Video:

Hope this post will help other developers out there!


ModJam 4

As most of you probably know, I have participated in ModJam 4 and created this new mod called Electromagnetic Coherence. It is a very simple mod about lasers and optics. This mod will be merged into Resonant Induction's electrical tier later on and have full fledged energy support. More features to come and hope you all enjoy!

Stack - Mobile Game

I had quite a holiday this past week from my normal work and decided to write a simple mobile game for fun. And so, I now present to you "Stack", a 2D puzzle for iOS and Android where you try to stack different shapes up as high as possible to gain the highest possible score.


I'll be releasing this in the App store and Google Play as soon as it is fully ready. So far, I've been giving the app out to beta testers. The app will be free for any of you to play!

For those who want to help beta test on their mobile devices, feel free to contact me on the Esper.net IRC (channel #calclavia)!

Universal Electricity 3.0

First off, before I announce the new release of Universal Electricity 3.0 for this brand new year 2014, I would like to say that Universal Electricity has been a huge part in my modding journey and has also endless evolved through the process. It started out as an idea to have unified eventually into a library intended to make compatibility between mods easier. I must thank all those who contributed to UE 3.0, especially ChickenBones and King_Lemming who gave a lot of quality advice.

Many versions and improvements are made in this version on UE and it is definitely a new step forward for the developers and I. The most important changes involve the use of ASM to inject compatibility with other mods and a multi-layered energy system. All these changes intend to make the missing experience easier and cleaner, allowing the mod author to be more expressive.

However, as some of you may know, I have decided to start to step back from UE lately and focus more on creating content in my mods. UE was in many ways thought of as a standard that will never make it (I'm often shown that comic strip on "Standards"), but that is in some way a misunderstanding. I never intended UE to be a standard, nor intended that everyone should use it. UE is simply a small core mod that I use because it makes my modding life easier and I simply want to share it with everyone. Use it or not, I don't really mind. :)

Happy new year!

Migration to WordPress

It's been a while since I had time to improve my server and website, but the time has come! I now proudly introduce you to our new WordPress website! (includes http://universalelectricity.com)

I've to first thank Tyranelf for spending so much time to help create the new Universal Electricity theme as well as the site themes for all the other mods.

After working for a client on his site and finding WordPress to be a very awesome CMS, I've decided to switch from Drupal to WordPress. The CMS is very self-explanatory, easy to use and versatile.

Over this week the site will be in transition mode as I patch up everything and get all features back up and working again. Hope you all like the new design!

Indie Game

As some of you might have heard from my Twitter, I have recently been working on a cool little mobile game designed for iOS and Andriod. This is my first time actually making a game that I wanted to release so I decided to start small.

The name of this game I'm making is called "Blurgh" (for now). It's a 2-D platform game mixed with puzzle and problem solving. An Indiegogo page will be set up soon for those who wants to help fund this game. I've thought about some cool perks and hope to get some support from you guys!

Atomic Science 0.6.0

Atomic Science will be releasing its new version (v0.6.0) shortly this week after some finalization and beta testing. The mod has been slow at development, but because I've more time now (summer holidays) I will try my best to get this mod released to v1.0. Prepare for a lot of improvements, features and such! There will be the brand new cold fusion reactor coming in soon along with a more complex way to create these large reactors. As for v0.6.0, I've added in toxic waste, multi-block fission reactors as well as a better radiation system. Hope you all will enjoy this!

MFFS 3.0 Released!

It has been a long wait, but after many tests done by many helpful people from the MFFS IRC (#mffs on Espernet), I have finally decided to release MFFS as a recommended build to the public. Hooray! You can go ahead and grab the recommended build and put it in your server! I hope all of you will enjoy this new version of MFFS I have put so much effort in.

MFFS v3 Pre-release

After a lot of hard work and typing, I have finally completed the basic content of MFFS v3.0. The mod itself is now in a beta/pre-release stage. Feel free to go and test the latest build from the download site! The more bug reports and feedback I get, the closer I will be to release. Make sure you submit all bugs and issues to Github so I can keep track and fix all issues.

MFFS Confusion

A lot of people have been asking me about the issue with there being two MFFS after Thunderdark left the project. There was quite a lot of confusion out there so I am going to write this post to settle down some facts in simple terms.

Basically, MFFS v3.0 is developed by me. You can find it here (http://universalelectricity.com/mffs). It contains a lot of new changes and features as well as improvements. The gameplay changed quiet a bit.

The Fortron Capacitor

As some of you might have heard, I'm completely rewriting MFFS from the ground up. I had a bunch of code changes I had in mind and I hope this rewrite will help clean everything up and make things more efficient. In addition, I've been thinking of various of ways in making the mod less resource intensive and less laggy.

So far, I've got the Fortron Capacitor rewritten and implement a new look to it. I hope you all enjoy it! It will be possibly a multi-block structure.

ICBM 1.1.1 Released!

ICBM has just made a recommended released for Minecraft 1.5.1! I've added a new explosive called debilitation explosive as well as made ICBM fully IndustrialCraft 2 compatible (Basic Components not required anymore). There are also a lot of bug fixes and general improvements made.

Jenkins & Private Repos

It has took me quiet a while to figure this out, so I have decided to share this information for all you developers out there who are trying to set up Jenkins to clone repositories from a private Github repo just to help you out a little bit...

In order for Jenkins to communicate with a private repo, you have to have an SSH key (basically a security code that allows your Jenkins server to communicate with Github). You can follow this tutorial here and generate an SSH key: https://help.github.com/articles/generating-ssh-keys

Force Field Projector

Some of you might have already seen this on my Twitter, but I will be posting this here again . Behold, the new force field projector!

This high-tech device will animate and spin when it is turned on and emit a projection out based on the module inserted into the projector. It took quiet a lot of work to get this done, so I hope all of you like it!

Server Movement

Because of my previous server experiencing some down time and SQL issues, both sites "calclavia.com" and "universalelectricity,com" and in the progress of moving to a better and more powerful server. It is very possible that you might experience down time during these few days, so please check back on our site when it is ready!

Modular Force Field System

I am proud to announce that as of today, I will be the main developer of one of the coolest mods ever - Modular Force Field System. Many thanks to Thunderdark for choosing me as the successor of this mod and I will make sure the content of this mod continues to thrive! I am planning on adding a bunch of GUI improvements and changes, better visual and cooler animation. Also I am planning to redesign the way force energy works with this new idea I had related to "Fortron". If you want the latest news on MFFS, make sure you follow me on Twitter: @Calclavia.

Two Million Downloads

I am very happy to announce that the Voltz mod pack, consisting of various Universal Electricity mods has reached 2 million downloads! This has been a very big achievement and I have to thank the Technic team as well as all UE modders who made this happen. ICBM also got some new cool turrets and will be expanding more in that direction in the near future. As for Atomic Science, a lot of things are planned for that mod with advanced uranium processing as well as more realistic fusion reactors as well as the ability to breed depleted uranium.

New Official Wiki

This might not be new and most of you might have already seen it, but Universal Electricity's open wiki has been launched with a new design to match our main site's theme! Many thanks to Mastergalen for helping out with web design and all that. Check out the new wiki for information on mods on http://wiki.universalelectricity.com/

Xenforo Forum Launch

After a long wait, we have finally acquired enough funds to get the Xenforo license for our brand new forum! I would like to thank each and everyone who donated to our forum, the donors are listed below:

Mastergalen IceWolf Cammygames Mattredsox Sven Braune Michael Slater William Rigby Matthew Minor Ralph Garrett Stuart Petrie You may now visit and sign up for our new forum at www.forum.calclavia.com.

Merry Christmas!

As a gift from the Universal Electricity developers we have decided to release a updated 1.4.6 version of the mod pack in time for Christmas day so you and your friends can enjoy it over the holidays you can grab the client and server from the FTB launcher.

Merry Christmas from the Universal Electricity developers!

ICBM 1.0.0 Release!

I still remember the time when I started modding. It was about 7 months ago and I had no clue on how to create a mod. After a long trek of learning and research, I have finally created a mod that I always wanted in Minecraft, ICBM - a mod that brings strategic missile warfare to Minecraft. Today is the day in which ICBM can finally leave its beta stage and start to fly (no missile pun intended). ICBM 1.0.0 has been released! I would like to thank all the players and every single person who helped out with the development of ICBM.

Ampz Mod Pack v8 Release!

The Ampz Mod Pack just updated to version 8. You can go grab the latest version from the FTB launcher!

Change Log Updated All UE mods Updated Forge Updated Railcraft Updated NEI Removed power tools due to it breaking NEI Be sure to try out the MineMod.org server!

Pre-Release of ICBM

It has been six months since I started developing ICBM, and now it is time to release a stable version to the public. I am really glad the mod has come a long way in its journey and able to be enjoyed by thousands of players. I thank every single person who has downloaded ICBM and players with mods from the Universal Electricity series. ICBM 1.0.0 should be coming out shortly, sometime next week.

New Blog

Welcome to Calclavia.com! This is a new developer's blog that I recently launched and hope to share with all of you! I will be posting up news and various things related to Minecraft mods as well as my upcoming game developments. Hopefully this blog will give you some insight on some of the cool stuff I'll be doing including some game and software development.