27 Jun

Discontinuing ICBM

Sad news everyone! Due to my time constraints and having more and more projects on my table, I will be no longer able to maintain the mod ICBM. The good news is the DarkCow has volunteered to take over the project and continue developing it. DarkCow has been a co-developer of ICBM for over a year and I am pleased that I have put the mod in his hands as much of ICBM Sentry was created by him.

On a side note, Universal Electricity and Resonant Engine has finished updating to 1.7 but still subject to changes. I will be updating and reorganizing a lot of code which will take longer to update than I expected. Resonant Induction and MFFS are coming up next!

21 Jun

Moving to 1.7

I am proud to announce that after a lot of work from myself, DarkCow, tgame14 and Maxwolf, the final release of Resonant Induction for Minecraft 1.6.4 is officially out! While this release may contains some bugs and incomplete features that are work in progress, it is a good start of a large mod. This is the final build of Resonant Induction for 1.6 as we will be moving on to the next version of Minecraft as soon as possible. As most of you probably know, Resonant Induction started off as a ModJam 3 competition project. After ModJam, several developers collaborated on what was originally a small mod about Tesla towers and batteries into a full sized tech mod.

Please note that this is only a small part of my vision of Resonant Induction. Resonant Induction is going to be a massive mod with the entire idea of Minecraft technological advancement done in a different perspective with world based manipulation.

In addition, Universal Electricity 4.0 has been in the works for Minecraft 1.7 which contains a lot of changes to make electrical blocks more realistic. A NodeGrid API has been introduced to provide more flexibility in implementing electrical blocks. I hope all of you will enjoy the mods and there will definitely be a lot of improvements to come!

26 May

Atomic Science Merged Into Resonant Induction

Atomic Science is now apart of Resonant Induction as the Atomic Age! You can find all the familiar blocks such as the Reactor Cell and Particle Accelerator within that module for RI!

So head on over to the Resonant Induction download page and grab the atomic module and any others that interest you. If you only want Atomic Science you only need to get RI core and atomic age and it’s dependencies.

Resonant Induction Downloads: http://calclavia.com/resonant-induction/downloads/

For those of you wondering: Why would we do this? It makes working on the mods much easier for all of us as a team and I am talking about the UE team itself which currently includes the following:

  • Calclavia
  • Darkguardsman (aka DarkCow)
  • Alex_hawks
  • tgame14
  • Maxwolf Goodliffe

We all contribute towards the mods in one way or another, mostly in code but recently we have started to be more active as a team. You will see these names on our issue trackers helping you fix bugs, or on IRC in #calclavia where we answer questions directly from players and other modders and generally hang out.

Consolidating our code base like this though allows for us all to work together much more efficiently rather than worrying about the connections between our mods and managing all the separate gradle scripts, jenkins continuous integration, websites, issue trackers, documentation etc . that each individual mod would need to make it complete.

This is also the decision behind why we have made the source code to Resonant Engine the base API that all of our mods use visible source under the Calclavia’s Educational Public License. Making this public in this way allows for other developers to use the library if they wish and even contribute towards it using pull requests if they feel like it. UE itself has always been this way, but our goal is to make all of our work this way in the coming months.

Right now our current goals are finishing the 1.6.4 versions and heading towards Minecraft 1.7x with all of our mods. In the meantime others are working on this website, documentation and in total we should have a new version of the Voltz modpack ready which will target 1.6.4. Lots of things are happening and development picking up pace!

See you all on the flip side!

23 May

iOS Certificates

So recently I have been working on my mobile app and learning how to publish to the Apple iOS App store to allow some of my friends to start beta testing my app. I’m writing this post to help those who are encountering a similar issue and also to remind myself about this if I forget it in the future.

In order to publish an iOS, a developer needs to generate a publishing certificate. Due to the fact that I primarily use Windows 8 for my development and Apple’s guide not mentioning how to generate this certificate on Windows, I had to do some research on how to create an iOS certificate on Windows. Here’s what I found:

  1. Download and install OpenSSL. Head over to their website and download the Win32 OpenSSLhttp://www.openssl.org/related/binaries.html
  2. Open up command prompt (run -> cmd) as administrator and navigate to the “bin” directory in where you installed OpenSSL. By default it should be “C:\OpenSSL-Win32\bin”
  3. Enter the following command:
    openssl genrsa -out mykey.key 2048

    This will generate a file called “mykey.key” in the bin directory

  4. Then enter the following, replacing the emailAddress, CN (company name) and C (Country) with your own information.
    openssl req -new -key mykey.key -out CertificateSigningRequest.certSigningRequest -subj "/emailAddress=[email protected], CN=Your Name, C=US"
  5. Upload your generated certificate to Apple and you’re pretty much done!

Reference Video:

Hope this post will help other developers out there!


19 May

ModJam 4

As most of you probably know, I have participated in ModJam 4 and created this new mod called Electromagnetic Coherence. It is a very simple mod about lasers and optics. This mod will be merged into Resonant Induction’s electrical tier later on and have full fledged energy support. More features to come and hope you all enjoy!