01 Jan

Universal Electricity 3.0

First off, before I announce the new release of Universal Electricity 3.0 for this brand new year 2014, I would like to say that Universal Electricity has been a huge part in my modding journey and has also endless evolved through the process. It started out as an idea to have unified eventually into a library intended to make compatibility between mods easier. I must thank all those who contributed to UE 3.0, especially ChickenBones and King_Lemming who gave a lot of quality advice.

Many versions and improvements are made in this version on UE and it is definitely a new step forward for the developers and I. The most important changes involve the use of ASM to inject compatibility with other mods and a multi-layered energy system. All these changes intend to make the missing experience easier and cleaner, allowing the mod author to be more expressive.

However, as some of you may know, I have decided to start to step back from UE lately and focus more on creating content in my mods. UE was in many ways thought of as a standard that will never make it (I’m often shown that comic strip on “Standards”), but that is in some way a misunderstanding. I never intended UE to be a standard, nor intended that everyone¬†should use it. UE is simply a small core mod that I use because it makes my modding life easier and I simply want to share it with everyone. Use it or not, I don’t really mind. :)

Happy new year!

27 Dec

Migration to WordPress

It’s been a while since I had time to improve my server and website, but the time has come! I now proudly introduce you to our new WordPress website! (includes http://universalelectricity.com)

I’ve to first thank Tyranelf for spending so much time to help create the new Universal Electricity theme as well as the site themes for all the other mods.

After working for a client on his site and finding WordPress to be a very awesome CMS, I’ve decided to switch from Drupal to WordPress. The CMS is very self-explanatory, easy to use and versatile.

Over this week the site will be in transition mode as I patch up everything and get all features back up and working again. Hope you all like the new design!

07 Sep

Indie Game

As some of you might have heard from my Twitter, I have recently been working on a cool little mobile game designed for iOS and Andriod. This is my first time actually making a game that I wanted to release so I decided to start small.

The name of this game I’m making is called “Blurgh” (for now). It’s a 2-D platform game mixed with puzzle and problem solving. An Indiegogo page will be set up soon for those who wants to help fund this game. I’ve thought about some cool perks and hope to get some support from you guys!

19 Jun

Atomic Science 0.6.0

Atomic Science will be releasing its new version (v0.6.0) shortly this week after some finalization and beta testing. The mod has been slow at development, but because I’ve more time now (summer holidays) I will try my best to get this mod released to v1.0. Prepare for a lot of improvements, features and such! There will be the brand new cold fusion reactor coming in soon along with a more complex way to create these large reactors. As for v0.6.0, I’ve added in toxic waste, multi-block fission reactors as well as a better radiation system. Hope you all will enjoy this!

11 May

MFFS 3.0 Released!

It has been a long wait, but after many tests done by many helpful people from the MFFS IRC (#mffs on Espernet), I have finally decided to release MFFS as a recommended build to the public. Hooray! You can go ahead and grab the recommended build and put it in your server! I hope all of you will enjoy this new version of MFFS I have put so much effort in.

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