19 Jun

Atomic Science 0.6.0

Atomic Science will be releasing its new version (v0.6.0) shortly this week after some finalization and beta testing. The mod has been slow at development, but because I’ve more time now (summer holidays) I will try my best to get this mod released to v1.0. Prepare for a lot of improvements, features and such! There will be the brand new cold fusion reactor coming in soon along with a more complex way to create these large reactors. As for v0.6.0, I’ve added in toxic waste, multi-block fission reactors as well as a better radiation system. Hope you all will enjoy this!

12 thoughts on “Atomic Science 0.6.0

  1. What version of minecraft are these for? I’m trying to update our modpack, and had a request for Atomic Science, but I can’t seem to find a page with download including what version of minecraft they are for…

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