27 Jun

ICBM Discontinued

Sad news everyone! Due to my time constraints and having more and more projects on my table, I will be no longer able to maintain the mod ICBM. The good news is the DarkCow has volunteered to take over the project and continue developing it. DarkCow has been a co-developer of ICBM for over a year and I am pleased that I have put the mod in his hands as much of ICBM Sentry was created by him.

On a side note, Universal Electricity and Resonant Engine has finished updating to 1.7 but still subject to changes. I will be updating and reorganizing a lot of code which will take longer to update than I expected. Resonant Induction and MFFS are coming up next!


The new ICBM website is now on http://builtbroken.com managed by DarkCow

19 thoughts on “ICBM Discontinued

  1. I like your mods very much,I think they are the best! But I have a small problem… when I set up the fission reactor, I don\’t know how to pump out the toxic waste…I tried the pipes from thermal expansion,ender io,etc but nothing seems to be working and the reactor fills with toxic :( So please tell me how to drain the toxic out because I can\’t seem to find any detail video/tutorial on how to do it… Thx in advance :)

  2. you should tell DarkCow to add camoflaugeable silo doors so nobody runs the risk of their silos being discovered when players fall through the camo blocks

  3. So what exactly is going on with ICBM? I looked at the twitter post from you and DarkCow’s post about not doing UE or its mods anymore but am still confused. Is ICBM dead or is DarkCow really taking it over and he just hasn’t communicated anything yet about what he is doing with it? Would really appreciate some more clarity on this as the latest version is unplayable for my friends and I due to issue ICBM-14 (http://tracker.calclavia.com/issue/ICBM-14).

  4. I have been waiting ages for ICBM on 1.7.10. Will DarkCow update it to 1.7.10 so I can use it with all the rest of my mods including every other mod on this site. It is a shame it hasn’t been done already because ICBM is my favorite mod by Calclavia

  5. What ever happened to the nuclear explosive? It used to have a shockwave-type animation but now the crater just sort of appears.

  6. Then DarkCow Better Update it Cause it is my favorite mod EVER!!!My Fort Mancudo Has An Airfield,A helipad,A nuke alarm,an underground But NO NUKES!!!

  7. Hello there.
    I found a problem with ICBMs, I can not crafter laser designator and the whitelist does not work, do you know if there will be a shift to repair this?

  8. If you truly are discontinuing this mod, I was wondering if you could make it open source so that other modders can learn from its legacy. Plenty of us would be happy to continue to update it.

  9. This was my first and fave mod since I started MC. You sure you cant have this as a side project? Like something you can work on in between mods? Or as a time killer or something? and I know I\’m not the only one who thinks this too. Its a damn shame its come to this

  10. I loved the nuckelear explosives and the turrets they protected my mega cool created by creative lab from mobs. could you atleast make it available to 1.7.10 ?

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  12. Is TheDarkCow really going to update it?the required mods have already been updated is it too much difficult to update ICBM to 1.7.10? Does it needs change in the code duing to physics or just reconfig files to match with 1.7.10?

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