Hi, I'm Henry - Entrepreneur & Coder

I develop websites, games and artificial intelligence algorithms.


Here are some awesome projects I've worked on.

Ekco is a social app that makes it easy to exchange contact information with new people you meet.

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Stackable is a 2D puzzle game where you try to stack different shapes as high as possible.

NOVA (Neatly Organized Voxel API) is a modding framework for voxel games

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Electrodynamics is a Minecraft mod that adds realistic, world-based tech progression to the game.

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I'm skilled at web, game development and machine learning. I'm currently open to providing freelance services.

Some of my expertise:

Java, JavaScript/ES6/TypeScript, Gulp, C#, Scala, HTML/Pug, CSS/Sass, Python, C/C++, Node JS, React, Redux, Angular, Bootstrap, Gradle, Unity 3D, Git, OAuth, JWT, REST APIs, Docker, Nginx, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Machine Learning, Tensorflow, Keras, OpenAI Gym

For business inquiries, please contact me at [email protected].